About Greg

I want to live an interesting life.

 I have had a sense of adventure for as long as I can remember. As a small boy I wanted to venture outside, beyond the yard; as a teenager I wanted to drive to the next township; as a young man I left my family’s country home for life in the big city. The responsibilities of obtaining a good education, climbing the corporate ladder and family duties restricted my wanderlust for many years. Venturing outside of Canada had mainly been limited to business trips and far too short and infrequent vacations. Hard work, difficult choices and some good fortune have created a set of circumstances that will allow my wanderlust to lead me on my new adventure.

I can think of no better way to travel but on a motorcycle. Other modes of travel do not provide the freedom and flexibility a motorcycle offers. I want to be free to get off the main roads, smell and feel the environment around me. Once I put my helmet on there is a solitude that I enjoy, it is peaceful and allows me to truly experience my environment. I can stop when I want to stop, turn around easily if necessary or race to my next destination.

 I will turn 40 in July 2011 and have, of course, heard all the “mid life crisis” jokes and comments one would expect when planning a motorcycle journey such as mine. I consider turning 40 to be a celebration!! I feel younger than I have in years, I have confidence that I have never felt before and look forward to the future with the wonder and excitement of someone younger but with all the confidence gained in 40 years. 

 Turning 40 does have some downside. I do not heal as quickly as I did in my 20’s and will need to take greater caution to avoid injury. I have taken many precautions which I will share with you as my adventure unfolds. My metabolism is slowing down and I therefore can not enjoy the portion size of food I once did. I need to exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight even while paying greater attention to my diet. I will write about my hikes that I plan on taking in the US State parks, the Yucatan, Machu Picchu and elsewhere.  I have come to terms with the fact that my hair gets greyer and thinner each year, but I will write no more on this topic.

I want to live an interesting life, see the world in an interesting way and share my experiences, whatever those experiences may be. I hope that you will join me while I celebrate my midlife on a motorcycle journey through the Americas.

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