10,000km on Judgement Day

 The road unwinds before me, revealing the entire landscape in a glance. Looking down at the odometer I see 9997km and quickly wave my friend Sean to take the lead. I don’t want to miss it turning to 10,000 and can concentrate easier if I am following.  Keeping an eye on the odometer and one on the road is not easy. Fortunately the road is now as straight as an arrow.  It was a long 3 kilometres, but I was able to watch the odometer turn to 10,000km on my motorcycle. It was brand new when I bought it in March 2010 and these 10,000km are just the beginning.

 Many people believed that May 21st would be the end of the world, Judgement Day.  In Ontario, May 21st, 2011 was the best day of the year. The weather was perfect for being outdoors, and my friend Sean and I wasted no time getting out on your bikes. We headed east of Toronto towards the great roads and scenery of Lake Scugog.   


 Lake Scugog http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Scugog

 May 21st, 2011 – Judgement Day    http://www.ebiblefellowship.com/outreach/tracts/may21/

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1 Response to 10,000km on Judgement Day

  1. Sean says:

    This was a great day, a good ride, good lunch and great tarts!!

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