Alaska Highway, part 2

Waking up to the sound of Beaver splashing is not a bad way to start the day, sure beats an alarm clock. Crawling out of my tent I immediately notice a Cow and Calf Moose walking within a few meters of my tent. They are huge animals and seemed to have little concern of being watched and photographed but eventually swim the lake and retreat into the privacy of the forest.

Back on the Alaskan Highway towards Liard Hot Springs for a relaxing soak. The hot springs are just what my body needed after days of riding and sleeping in a tent. Fully relaxed I head towards the Yukon.  Within the first 10 kilometers a Brown Bear at the side of the road captures my attention. Not wanting to be “meals on wheels” for the bear, I slow down and take a photo, never lifting my hand off the throttle.  Photo does not turn out well so I circle back and try again. Better photo, so keep moving.

A little further up the highway two Caribou are grazing at the side of the road, but run off too quickly to get a photo. Passing beautiful lakes, beside mountains on twisty roads is a motorcyclist’s heaven.  Warning signs of Buffalo are not to be ignored. I had come across Buffalo at Yellowstone Park in Wyoming but they were small in comparison to what the Yukon had to offer. The Buffalo on the road ahead of me were huge! Huge and so close I can smell them. I slowly passed within a few meters of a large Buffalo, at least two and a half times bigger than me and my bike combined.

It is 10:00pm just outside of Watson City, Yukon and the sun has not set, it feels more like7:00pm.  I wonder what tomorrows ride to Whitehorse will bring.

Check out the photos below.


When in the area, visit the hot spring for a relaxing break on a long road trip.

Last night I stayed at Toad River. This is a great campground with showers, laundry, RV hookups and a great breakfast.  Watch out for the moose and don’t let the beaver keep you awake.

Tonight I am staying at Nugget City, Watson Lake Yukon. The campground here is more set up for RV’s and people wanting cabins but tent space is also available. Food is delicious but expensive, the showers are clean but on a meter ($1 for a 2 minute shower). A great pressure washer for washing your RV and if you stand back far enough it works for washing a motorcycle (but stand way way back).  Overall this place is good but expensive. The best part was that the waitress was from my home town, great conversation.

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