A book on the way

Many people asked me if I was planning on writing a book about my adventures. I wanted to, I started to, but always seemed to get writers block and was never able to get a lot accomplished, so I temporally shelved the idea.

On a very sad day – the day my bike went into winter storage – my dreams of completing my book changed.  I was put in contact with a man named Frank who was in the middle of his motorcycle book and also stuck.  In his words, his book was  “a book aims to share the passion for motorcycling through the eyes of a reborn enthusiast. It is a 360 degree perspective of motorcycling aimed just as much to the current motorcyclist as those thinking of becoming one. It covers all aspects from motorcycle types, dream trips, history and future with a multitude of pictures on the journey”

We have now decided to co-write a book, my adventure combined with his passion. It is going to be a uniquely written book, combining adventure with a love for motorcycles. We expect to have the book ready by late February.  If you are interested in pre=ordering one leave your name below.

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2 Responses to A book on the way

  1. Doug Laing says:

    Hi Greg, look forward to the book. I live in S Ontario and also ride a Vara. Planning a solo trip to the Rockies this summer. Maybe u could put this book in e format. I am sure it will be good as your articles have been. Thnx Doug

    • greg says:

      Thank-you. The book will be in e-format as well. Glad you ahve enjoyed the blog.
      The rockies are amazing and you will have a great trip. Your bike will hold up well. Check out Carter Honda in Vancouver if you need service once you get out that way.

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