Book Progress

I am pleased with how the book is coming along. It has also been great fun working on it, for the past several weeks I have been reliving my adventure! Just today I was writing about Peru, what an amazing place, I could write a whole book just on Peru. The most difficult thing has been deciding what the “best” story was for each country.

On Friday my co-author Frank and I met with a book publishing company and it was a great meeting. Lots to consider but we made a lot of progress. Soon we will be set up to take pre-orders of the book, at a discount to you of course. Keep checking back for details.

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2 Responses to Book Progress

  1. Dave Burton says:

    Hi Greg,

    Where are you. I am in Cusco and about to head for Puno tomorrow. I was intending to head to Tacna from Puno. Any views on the best route to take to get to Tacna, I prefer blacktop if possible as I am on my own as well.

    cheers dave

  2. greg says:

    Have a great journey. I did not find much black top in that area, I spent about 2 days crossing the Andes.

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