MOA event – Dry run for HU

I arrived at the MOA (Motorcycle Owners of America) event in Orillia a little later Friday night than I planned but still in enough time to grab a cold beer and have some delicious snacks. Once I got settled in it was time for the camp file and sharing some tall tales of motorcycle adventure.

I have been working hard on the Horizons Unlimited Ontario event which I am helping organize and the MOA event was the perfect dry run, as it was being held at the same location and following a similar format. We had presentations, riding skill competition, vendors followed by movie or campfires at night. The food was amazing, big breakfasts of bacon, eggs, French toast, burgers and salads for lunch and an amazing lasagna for dinner, all served family style and all you can eat, more than enough to go around.

I tried Yoga for the first time ever in my life. Yoga for motorcyclist taught by Diana Londono, it was harder than I thought but also a lot more fun and I felt much better afterwards. She is on the agenda twice at the HU meeting, check it out, I’m definitely going back. Miguel had the opportunity to practice his First Aid for motorcyclist demonstration and I heard a lot of positive feedback from everyone who attended. Once again I missed Lorry and Kelli Gombos presentation on “Central Asia and the Pamir Highway on a Vstrom”, that’s twice now, third times a charm maybe? Find out in June. No matter how much experience you have on a bike, you will always learn from Clinton Smout’s riding skills demo.

photo 3

First Aid Demo

This facility is amazing, the staff are wonderful, the cabins are great, the presentation rooms are comfortable and well equipped. If you are even thinking about motorcycle travel, come out to the HU Ontario meeting this June, it’s going to be bigger and better than this MOA event, and your hosts are one step ahead now. Sign up here

photo 2


photo 1


photo 4



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Horizons Unlimited meeting in Orillia

It’s just over a month until the Horizons Unlimited meeting in Orillia. It has been quite exciting for me to be involved this year. It was my responsibility to help find and co-ordinate the presenters for the meeting and I’m happy to say we have a great line up of people.  People will be talking about trips across  the USA, South America, Russia, Turkey, Asia and even our own back yard here in Canada. Also lots of tech talk as well, First Aid, Tire changing, camping tips, packing tips, GPS tips just to name a few.

The location and facility are amazing this year. Right on the shores of Lake Couchiching, we have a modern facility with both camping and cabins available. Entertainment has been lined up for the evenings around the campfire. Registration is up over last year so it looks like it will be a busy event with lots of other riders to connect with.

If you are at all interested in motorcycle travel, come out to the Horizons Unlimited Ontario event. Sign up here.

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Dealing with PMS

PMS = Parked Motorcycle Syndrome

I regret putting my motorcycle away for the winter. My logic was sound at the time, snow storm had just hit and the bike needs new wheel bearings, repairs are best done in the winter anyway. The roads are clear, it hasn’t snowed in weeks, it’s been a little cold, but I have warm riding gear. I am going a little stir crazy not riding and get very jealous when I see people out riding.

So here are my top 5 methods for dealing with PMS.

  1. Switch my ringtone on my phone to “Motorcycle” and listen to the engine rev each time I get a text or phone call.
  2. Youtube “motorcycle fail” and laugh and laugh
  3. Send a thank you note to GoPro for making  #2 possible.
  4. Purchase advance tickets to upcoming motorcycle shows.
  5. Get involved in a motorcycle event. I am the Ontario Lead for presenters for the Horizons Unlimited event this June in Orillia. We have a pretty awesome lineup of presenters already, if you are interested in motorcycle travel this is the event to check out this summer
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The honeymoon is over – NOT

I got married this October and besides the normal “congratulations” the next most common thing I heard was “are you selling your bike now?” Before I could say anything my wife responded “NO he is NOT”.  I married the right woman.  I also assume since my motorcycle was used in my proposal and there was a replica of my motorcycle on our wedding cake she had to of known it was here to stay.

We started off our honeymoon in Greece and I couldn’t help but notice the number of Honda Varadero’s on the streets of Athens. I was hoping to rent a bike while on our honeymoon but it really wasn’t a priority. We did some island hoping and when we landed in Mykonos to find most business shutting down for the winter we decided to explore the island – and what better way than on a motorcycle!

No motorcycles were available but there were 50cc scooters for only 15 Euro a day, and since they wanted only a driver’s license as collateral I figured why not! It felt strange riding this small scooter but I knew it was going to be fun. Once out of site of the rental company I cranked the throttle and reached a top speed on 52 km/hr !! Wow so exciting (lol), and I couldn’t help but wonder how fast this thing would go two up. I would find out soon enough.

With no back rest Liz hung on to me quite tightly, especially when I took the scooter off road! This thing was not meant for going off road but honestly, it looked like a regular road! We ended up at a remote lake, then a beach where all the homes were shut down for the winter, no tourists, it was very quiet. We continued around the island stopping frequently to take pictures and enjoy the amazing Greek food and hospitality. We ended up circling the entire island of Mykonos and finished off watching the sunset while parked on somebody’s private helicopter landing pad (it’s nice to travel slightly off season), nobody was home.

Liz even took the little scooter for a spin and had a lot of fun, now she wants to get her motorcycle license. She’s going to have to wait until spring now that we are back in Canada.

Optimized-mykinos 108 (1) Optimized-mykinos 112 Optimized-mykinos part 2 015 Optimized-mykinos part 2 043 (2) Optimized-mykinos part 2 061 (2)

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

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Horizons Unlimited and Podcast

This past September I participated in the Ontario Horizons Unlimited motorcycle travelers meeting. These meetings are a great way to get real information about motorcycle travel from real people who have actually done from amazing trips by motorcycle.

The meeting will be held earlier in the summer this year with the hope of getting more participants and presenters. Keep checking back here for information but also check out the Horizons Unlimited web site here

Not only was I able to attend some great seminars but I also presented a piece with my friend Bill on the Pros and Cons on Solo vs. Group travel you can check out the podcast here

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off the beaten path – Northen Ontario – part 2 of 2

So this is long overdue but here is Part 2 of my Northern Ontario trip.

Now where was I – Oh yea – sleeping with my hunting knife, worrying about bears. I should have been worrying about checking my air mattress as it seems to have a slow leak. It’s not long before I am sleeping right on the ground; fortunately I am tired enough that I drift off to sleep.

Surprisingly I am not that stiff in the morning and am able to break camp quickly and get back on the road. A few kilometers away from the “campground” a coyote runs out across the road only about 100 feet in front of me.  No matter how often I see wildlife it never fails to impress me. I don’t think I will ever get tired of it.

I spent the next several hours just riding around exploring the various gravel roads and trails that I come across, getting “lost” without ever losing my way.

I think I will spend a lot more time exploring my own back yard next summer.

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off the beaten path – Northern Ontario – Part 1


It has been awhile. Awhile since I blogged or had any real rides to blog about. Since I got back from my trip over two years ago I have been finding it hard to find roads that interest me, or maybe more accurately time to find roads that interest me.

I looked at my calendar and found that I had a free weekend. Totally free, no place I had to be and no obligations. Now I just needed a road to ride. Years ago I used to go hunting with my Dad and brother just North West of Sudbury and I remembered the road being difficult and how beautiful it was in the fall. I had never been there in the summer. The road was 500km away and I had only a weekend, it was going to be an early start.

I strapped my tent, some food, camping supplies, and a few other miscellaneous items on my bike and headed north. The first 500km were uneventful, just highway riding and my mind was still on the issues of the past week. Once I hit the gravel road I had a flash back of Alaska, more accurately the haul road to Prudhoe Bay. In the first 10km I felt the bike wobble, just like I did on the haul road, but this time rather than my heart ending up in my throat, I just corrected and continued on. My mind was flooded with memories of Alaska.

I was no more than 30km on the gravel road when I black bear ran across the road in front of me. Exciting!! No time to get the camera out, he was gone into the forest. I should get a Go-Pro. I always seem to be torn as to when I should ride, and when to stop and take pictures of the ride.

After about 80 kilometers I see a sign that says Ritchie Falls Resort. Resort?? Who builds a resort up here, so far away from everything and on such bad road? I needed to check this out. Another 10km down an even worse road, and another bear spotting, I come to what is really a fishing and hunting camp, on a beautiful lake. I find out it has actually been there since 1948, I am also told that there is a “campground” another 5km down the road. I check it out and find 3 trailers and decide that after seeing two bears that this might be a good place to camp for the night, I have rode over 600km today and am a bit tired. I also hope that the dog in the trailer next to me might bark should a bear come around. I pitch my tent, cook my dinner and eventually get in my sleeping bag with my hunting knife right beside me.




IMG_3633IMG_3626 IMG_3635

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Its never to early !!

It is never too early to start planning your next motorcycle adventure.

This was a great event. I have already signed up for 2014

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Horizons Unlimited

In the second weekend in September, I will be presenting at the Horizons Unlimited Ontario event, discussing 2 different topics.  My friend Bill and I will discuss the pros and cons of doing a long distance trip solo or with an organized tour, a secondly I will speak about my experiences re-entering the workforce after my trip through the Americas.

There will also be many more presenters on a variety of topics.  Come check it out!


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100,000 Kilometers

It was an exciting riding this Canada Day long weekend, a ride with friends on Sunday and then watching the odometer turn 100,000km on my bike while riding on Canada Day!

On Sunday morning, two Harleys, a Ducati and my Honda set out for an afternoon of riding, proving once again that it doesn’t matter what you ride, as long as you ride.  Since we were in the Collingwood area a route was planned that would take us along country roads, through the escarpment and visiting some waterfalls in the area, all in enough time to get us back home for dinner.  I looked at my odometer before we left, it read 99,668km.

Our first stop was a place called Eugenia Falls (just outside of Flesherton on Grey County Road 13). These falls turned out to be a real hidden gem. I don’t think I have ever visited them before but know for sure I will be back. Next time I will do some hiking along the trail and take in more of the area. We were soon backing on the road exploring grey County. Since it was a long weekend we saw a lot of police out patrolling the highways, we stuck mainly to the back roads but I still kept myself aware of my speed, the last thing I wanted was a speeding ticket to put a damper on what was turning out to be an awesome day. After lunch it was off to another waterfall, Walters Falls. Walters Falls was also a very beautiful spot but not as remote as Eugenia Falls. The site has an Inn and Spa on it and a wedding was being set up when we arrived. I would imagine it would be a nice place to stay for a night or two, especially if you like the sound of running water and are willing to take advantage to the hiking trails in the area. We rode around for another hour or so, each breaking off at different points in order to get home for dinner. When I arrived at my girlfriend’s cottage near Big Chute I checked the odometer again and it read 99,985 km.

eugina fallswalters falls

I decided that it would be a great way to celebrate Canada Day, take my girlfriend on an early morning ride in the country (only her 3rd time on a motorcycle), watch the odometer turn 100,000km and enjoy the tranquility of the rural roads. Fifteen kilometers seems far when you are watching the odometer and trying to concentrate on the road and your passenger at the same time, but it finally turned.  100,000 km on my bike, the bike I bought brand new on March 21 2010 !!  We pulled over, took photos, I had a million flashbacks from my motorcycle trip to Argentina before we finally got back on the road.


We took the back roads, took in the scenery and occasional sightings of wildlife and just enjoyed the ride, until we got chased by the big dog!! He was sitting at the end of his driveway, not really paying much attention to us and then without warning he broke into a run, barking and coming right at us.  For me this was common, in Mexico and Central America dog just ran loose and always seemed to chase me.  I was not worried and quickly outran him.  Everything was fine until I realized we were on a dead end road and I would have to pass “Cujo” one more time. As we approached the house I could not see the dog anywhere and assumed his owners tied him up of took him inside. Then I heard my girlfriend shout “he’s coming. He’s coming’, I looked in my mirrors and did not see the dog and assumed that her had stopped running as it is rare that dogs chase me too far past their owners property. She was still shouting and I checked my mirrors once again, and there he was, running at full speed barking and growling just like “Cujo”. I hit the throttle and got the hell out of there. I think she is still mad at me for not believing her the first time she started shouting, but has agreed to ride with me again. Next time I am taking bear repellant.

Georgian Bay-20130701-00935100000 road side

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