Its never to early !!

It is never too early to start planning your next motorcycle adventure.

This was a great event. I have already signed up for 2014

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Horizons Unlimited

In the second weekend in September, I will be presenting at the Horizons Unlimited Ontario event, discussing 2 different topics.  My friend Bill and I will discuss the pros and cons of doing a long distance trip solo or with an organized tour, a secondly I will speak about my experiences re-entering the workforce after my trip through the Americas.

There will also be many more presenters on a variety of topics.  Come check it out!


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100,000 Kilometers

It was an exciting riding this Canada Day long weekend, a ride with friends on Sunday and then watching the odometer turn 100,000km on my bike while riding on Canada Day!

On Sunday morning, two Harleys, a Ducati and my Honda set out for an afternoon of riding, proving once again that it doesn’t matter what you ride, as long as you ride.  Since we were in the Collingwood area a route was planned that would take us along country roads, through the escarpment and visiting some waterfalls in the area, all in enough time to get us back home for dinner.  I looked at my odometer before we left, it read 99,668km.

Our first stop was a place called Eugenia Falls (just outside of Flesherton on Grey County Road 13). These falls turned out to be a real hidden gem. I don’t think I have ever visited them before but know for sure I will be back. Next time I will do some hiking along the trail and take in more of the area. We were soon backing on the road exploring grey County. Since it was a long weekend we saw a lot of police out patrolling the highways, we stuck mainly to the back roads but I still kept myself aware of my speed, the last thing I wanted was a speeding ticket to put a damper on what was turning out to be an awesome day. After lunch it was off to another waterfall, Walters Falls. Walters Falls was also a very beautiful spot but not as remote as Eugenia Falls. The site has an Inn and Spa on it and a wedding was being set up when we arrived. I would imagine it would be a nice place to stay for a night or two, especially if you like the sound of running water and are willing to take advantage to the hiking trails in the area. We rode around for another hour or so, each breaking off at different points in order to get home for dinner. When I arrived at my girlfriend’s cottage near Big Chute I checked the odometer again and it read 99,985 km.

eugina fallswalters falls

I decided that it would be a great way to celebrate Canada Day, take my girlfriend on an early morning ride in the country (only her 3rd time on a motorcycle), watch the odometer turn 100,000km and enjoy the tranquility of the rural roads. Fifteen kilometers seems far when you are watching the odometer and trying to concentrate on the road and your passenger at the same time, but it finally turned.  100,000 km on my bike, the bike I bought brand new on March 21 2010 !!  We pulled over, took photos, I had a million flashbacks from my motorcycle trip to Argentina before we finally got back on the road.


We took the back roads, took in the scenery and occasional sightings of wildlife and just enjoyed the ride, until we got chased by the big dog!! He was sitting at the end of his driveway, not really paying much attention to us and then without warning he broke into a run, barking and coming right at us.  For me this was common, in Mexico and Central America dog just ran loose and always seemed to chase me.  I was not worried and quickly outran him.  Everything was fine until I realized we were on a dead end road and I would have to pass “Cujo” one more time. As we approached the house I could not see the dog anywhere and assumed his owners tied him up of took him inside. Then I heard my girlfriend shout “he’s coming. He’s coming’, I looked in my mirrors and did not see the dog and assumed that her had stopped running as it is rare that dogs chase me too far past their owners property. She was still shouting and I checked my mirrors once again, and there he was, running at full speed barking and growling just like “Cujo”. I hit the throttle and got the hell out of there. I think she is still mad at me for not believing her the first time she started shouting, but has agreed to ride with me again. Next time I am taking bear repellant.

Georgian Bay-20130701-00935100000 road side

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Book is now Ready for Sale

This past weekend was rather exciting for me. Not only did I pick up my book but I participated in another motorcycle event – this time as a vendor. Given the weather and the turn out I am pleased with the sales. It is exciting to see months of work come to completion.  Below is the final synopsis of the book and the website where you can order it from.

You can order through our website at


Synopsis“Motorcycling: A Lifelong Passion”

An engaging and heartfelt written and full color pictorial celebration of 2 Canadian men’s lifelong passion and adventures for motorcycling.


Frank Maloney, MBA, CPCC and Greg Powell, CGA are fervent motorcyclists who share the two-wheeled dream. As relevant to hard-core veterans as it is to novices and those curious about getting involved in the passionately exciting lifestyle and community/family found in motorcycling.

A unique book combining facts, color pictures and a motorcycle adventure story! A perfect colorful reading adventure as perfect for a coffee table or side case. Additionally, it makes a one of a kind memorable gift for anyone.

Discover :


- Greg’s life changing and at times incredible 65,000 km, 11 month, 14 country solo adventure and journey travelling the four corners of the Americas. From Toronto east to Newfoundland, then west and north to Alaska’s Arctic to the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia, South America. Go along for the ride as Greg got attacked and robbed, experienced romance and triumphed over the elements, geography, conditions and his own limitations and fears

- The history and development of motorcycling from motorized bicycles to future concepts. Discover famous motorcyclists in history

- Women and motorcycling

- Best types of motorcycles for your specific needs

- Best motorcycle TV shows and movies!

- “Bucket list” motorcycle trips

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Booth at the Bike Show

_MG_0870_1 _MG_0868 _MG_0853 _MG_0849 _MG_0845

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Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show

I am having a booth at the Toronto Motorcyel Show later this month, to promote my new book. Come by and say hello.

click on this link for details -

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Book Progress

I am pleased with how the book is coming along. It has also been great fun working on it, for the past several weeks I have been reliving my adventure! Just today I was writing about Peru, what an amazing place, I could write a whole book just on Peru. The most difficult thing has been deciding what the “best” story was for each country.

On Friday my co-author Frank and I met with a book publishing company and it was a great meeting. Lots to consider but we made a lot of progress. Soon we will be set up to take pre-orders of the book, at a discount to you of course. Keep checking back for details.

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A book on the way

Many people asked me if I was planning on writing a book about my adventures. I wanted to, I started to, but always seemed to get writers block and was never able to get a lot accomplished, so I temporally shelved the idea.

On a very sad day – the day my bike went into winter storage – my dreams of completing my book changed.  I was put in contact with a man named Frank who was in the middle of his motorcycle book and also stuck.  In his words, his book was  “a book aims to share the passion for motorcycling through the eyes of a reborn enthusiast. It is a 360 degree perspective of motorcycling aimed just as much to the current motorcyclist as those thinking of becoming one. It covers all aspects from motorcycle types, dream trips, history and future with a multitude of pictures on the journey”

We have now decided to co-write a book, my adventure combined with his passion. It is going to be a uniquely written book, combining adventure with a love for motorcycles. We expect to have the book ready by late February.  If you are interested in pre=ordering one leave your name below.

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Now on Facebook !

Not sure why I did not do this during my trip but I finally set up a Facebook page. There are some different photos there then what I have on my blog. Check it out here  and “Like”

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View from the back seat

The post below was written by my passenger from this past weekend.

I have not been on a motorcycle since was a teenager. Greg and I had talked about going for a ride for months but with busy schedules and poor weather I really thought it would be spring before I finally got to go on a ride. Last Sunday the weather finally broke and both our schedules were clear and it was time for my ride. We planned a nice ride in the country side to the Forks of the Credit just north of Toronto.

The ride started off with trust, I had confidence in Greg as he has ridden his motorcycle across North and South America and rode other motorcycles in Asia as well. A short Sunday ride did not seem like a big deal, I wasn’t nervous.  I wasn’t nervous until we took the ramp onto the Gardner Expressway and Greg accelerated much too quickly for my liking. I squeezed him, he slowed down, I started to relax until he took the ramp onto the 427, I squeezed him harder this time and he slowed down much quicker. We finally exited the highways and would soon start our country ride. Greg turned to me when we were stopped at the light and asked me if I was ok. When I told him I did not like the highways his response was “don’t worry, I rode this bike for 2 weeks in Lima”, like it was supposed to provide me with some kind of comfort, it didn’t.

The country roads were much more relaxing and scenic. The leaves had fallen and were blowing all around, the air was crisp and I felt comfortable enough to start taking pictures. Once we arrived at the Forks of the Credit I noticed tons of bikes, I guess we had come to a popular spot, I would soon learn why. The road was lots of fun, lots of twists and turns but best of all were the short hills towards the end of the road, it felt like a roller coaster. Greg and I would ride that road 3 times before stopping for a late breakfast at a local restaurant then take several side roads and meander our way back to Toronto.

I hope the weather holds and we can get out again before the snow flies.

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