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Desert to Mountains – Northern Peru

With such an easy border crossing into Peru I had a full day of riding in front of me. The sun was shining, no rain clouds in sight, and the weather was perfect for riding.  The roads were also perfect, … Continue reading

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Entering Peru

I entered Peru through the small town of Huaquillas today in what had to be the easiest border crossing ever. Stamp out of Ecuador, drive 4 kilometers to Peru, fill out a simple form for the bike, drive around the … Continue reading

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Christmas came and went just as any other day. I woke up to the sounds of dogs barking, horns honking and the hotel owner yelling at the cleaning staff. A swim and a run along the beach was my Christmas … Continue reading

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The ride to Christmas

Tomorrow will make 5 months of solo travel, from Toronto to Alaska to Ecuador for a total of 38,011km. I turned right onto the main highway and knew immediately that it was going to be an interesting ride. The highway … Continue reading

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Passing the Equator

As I sit here and looking over my maps, I realize that I have passed the Equator, long ago. I did not see any markers, no big signs and no tourist shops, maybe I was day dreaming again or maybe … Continue reading

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Entering Ecuador – Advantage Motorcycle

It was a tough decision to leave Colombia. I was enjoying it there and there was still so much more to see, but the weather was not co-operating. Waking up to another day of rain, I made the decision to … Continue reading

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Two interesting days in Colombia

I decided to spend another night in Medellin after getting my bike out of the shop, it was late in the day and I wanted to get some rest before putting in a full day of riding. I really wanted … Continue reading

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Heading South

After spending just over 2 days in the shop my bike is back on the road and better than ever (knock on wood).  The rim was professionally welded and is stronger than before, the spark plugs were changed, oil change … Continue reading

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Respect for Potholes

After some heavy lifting and lots of grunting the bikes had been offloaded and safely put on shore. Then came the longest custom clearance of the entire trip, it took over 5 hours of waiting, checking VIN numbers and correcting … Continue reading

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Come Sail Away

After a few days of sitting around Panama City I am starting to go a little stir crazy, waiting for e-mail confirmations on shipping my bike to Colombia. Panama and Colombia are not connected by road, there is an area … Continue reading

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