Come Sail Away

After a few days of sitting around Panama City I am starting to go a little stir crazy, waiting for e-mail confirmations on shipping my bike to Colombia. Panama and Colombia are not connected by road, there is an area called “The Darien Gap” which is nothing but impassable solid jungle. Hence the need to either fly or sail me and my bike to Colombia.

I did go and visit the old part of town and some of the historical buildings which was very interesting and helped pass the time. But overall Panama City has little appeal to me so I am leaving for the coast tomorrow, without a confirmation of a shipping date. I will sail on the 7th, 8th, 10th on one boat or if that fails I booked a second boat for the 16th. All of this shipping stuff seems a little dodgy to me so I double booked myself just to be on the safe side. Other bikers have used this option with great success but I think some of these ship captains might just be a bunch shady characters who wish they had of been born pirates. I am growing a beard for the occasion.  

The sailing option sounded like the best adventure; snorkeling, wildlife viewing on uninhabited islands, beach parties and BBQ’s, and best of all it was cheaper than flying. Hopefully there is a chance to search for buried treasure; I need to find a way to finance my travels.

I don’t think I will get wifi on my sailing adventure, see you in South America.

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  1. Roberto says:

    Greg, I hope that the sea crossing be a good adventure without troubled. Take many photos to see those interesting places.

    Best regards,

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