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Live Long and Prosper

July 30th – Vulcan Alberta Captain, Klingon War Birds de-cloaking of the port bow! Evasive maneuvers. Maintain current speed. The War Bird has matched our course and speed. They are charging weapons. Red Alert! Battle stations everyone! Captain, direct hit … Continue reading

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Embarrassed in Yellowstone

I tried to write about the beauty of Yellowstone National Park, however words cannot do it justice.  Please enjoy the photos. What I can write about is my most embarrassing moment of this adventure so far. Starting out early whit … Continue reading

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Memories of Labrador in North Dakota

I set out today with the intention of putting a lot of kilometers behind me. The ride through the remainder of Wisconsin and Minnesota was a scenic but uneventful ride, I stopped only for fuel and food. Passing through Superior … Continue reading

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The adventure continues

Toronto Ontario to Sault Saint Marie, Michigan – 704km Looking in my mirror as I pulled away I could see four other motorcycles riding out with me and four people on the sidewalk waving goodbye. It was not how I … Continue reading

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I can’t wait to get on the road again

It has been less than a week that I have been home and I can’t wait to get on the road again. The “warm-up” trip to Newfoundland gave me all the confidence I needed. Now I have only a few … Continue reading

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The final leg home

For the first time in the entire trip David had his bike packed and was ready to go before me. He was quite proud of himself. Little did we know this would serve as an omen for the rest of … Continue reading

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The road home was not so safe.

It was a long and uneventful ocean crossing. The ship was beautiful but after so many days of riding I slept through most of the voyage. We had met several other motorcyclists on journeys of their own while on the … Continue reading

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Cape Spear Newfoundland

I have reached Cape Spear, the most easterly point in North America!  5,956 kilometers, 4 US States, 6 Canadian provinces and 4 ferry crossing and I have finally made it. I was closer to Ireland than I am to my … Continue reading

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The Rock

We have arrived in St John’s, enjoy some of the photos taken on the way.

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No Plan

Some people wake up each day with a plan, a detailed schedule on how their day will unfold, and this works for them. My day started like this “Hey look, there is a ferry to Labrador!”  “Cool, but it lands … Continue reading

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