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Crossing into Panama

     I arrived at the border early today, not knowing what to expect but expecting long delays. The usual “helpers” came out of nowhere all looking to make a few dollars by making things seem more difficult than they … Continue reading

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Departing from my Semi-Domesticated Life

  After leading a semi-domesticated life in Costa Rica, I am heading south again continuing my journey. Semi-domestication was unlike any other time in my journey. In the evening I would help with laundry and dishes or often just relax … Continue reading

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Four months of Solo travel

Today makes four months of solo travel; four months, eight countries and 33,927 kilometers (this excludes the two week trip I did out to the most eastern point in North America with my Harley riding friend David, another 8,535 kilometers). … Continue reading

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Where the streets have no name

I think that when world famous rock band U2 wrote “Where the Streets Have No Name” they were in Costa Rica. I used Google Earth today to find my way to Irazu Volcano. The directions seemed easy enough; left out … Continue reading

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Every day is an adventure

I continue to be amazed at how even the most mundane tasks can turn into an adventure. Shopping for swimming shorts in El Salvador, getting groceries in Nicaragua or doing laundry in Costa Rica have been as much of an … Continue reading

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Is it far?

I need to learn to put distance into perspective. It is about as many kilometers from Guatemala City to San Jose Costa Rica as it is from Ottawa to Thunder Bay Ontario, yet when I ask for directions the only … Continue reading

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Entering Costa Rica

With a bit of a hangover and only 3 hours sleep I packed my bike and got ready to go to Costa Rica. Locals told me it would take seven hours to reach San Jose, so at 7am I was … Continue reading

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Photos of Nicaragua

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The Chase

Shortly after checking into my hotel in Granada I met a fellow Canadian traveller Ben, a backpacker from Montreal.  We decided to check out the city and see what activities there were that would be fun and interesting. The first … Continue reading

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  Since my border crossing was so easy I still had a full day in front of me to enjoy Nicaragua. I had planned on stopping at Cerro Negro Volcano and checking out the activities there. Apparently you can snowboard … Continue reading

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