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Don’t Equate Your Motorcycle Adventure with No Safety Gear

Adventure bikes are meant for adventures. Featuring engine guards, long travel suspension, and big fuel tanks, the adventure motorbike is built with off-road, remote environments in mind. While the bike is ready to go on water crossings, high deserts, snow, … Continue reading

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Adventure Travelers meeting

This year I am the host of the Horizons Unlimited Ontario adventures travelers meeting. Some of you may be new to Horizons Unlimited and are wondering what happens at one of the events. Let me try and explain. Take 200 … Continue reading

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Fire, Ice and Fruit

Tierra del Fuego – Land of Fire After leaving Ushuaia I headed for the border with Chile to cross Tierra del Fuego.  I should have stopped writing about how easy border crossing has become as this one was about to … Continue reading

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Reaching Ushuaia

When I woke up on the morning of February 27th in Rio Gallegos, Argentina I had the original plan of taking 2 days to do the 600 kilometers to Ushuaia. For me, 600 kilometers is not far, but I also … Continue reading

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Argentina – Country #14

Border crossing have become somewhat routine and uneventful and Argentina, my 14th country was no different.  Line up and fill out a form, stamp,  another line and another stamp: welcome to Argentina. Wanting to get south I just started to … Continue reading

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Entering Chile

 Entering Chile had to be one of the easiest and sophisticated border crossings of this entire adventure.  It went like this: Exit Peru – fill out form, stamp form, stamp passport, Adios Peru Enter Chile – Stamp passport, fill out … Continue reading

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Entering Peru

I entered Peru through the small town of Huaquillas today in what had to be the easiest border crossing ever. Stamp out of Ecuador, drive 4 kilometers to Peru, fill out a simple form for the bike, drive around the … Continue reading

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Respect for Potholes

After some heavy lifting and lots of grunting the bikes had been offloaded and safely put on shore. Then came the longest custom clearance of the entire trip, it took over 5 hours of waiting, checking VIN numbers and correcting … Continue reading

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5 days at Sea – Panama to Colombia

Day 1 I held my breath and watched from the small boat below as my motorcycle was being hoisted onto the top deck of the ship. Three meters above the ocean my motorcycle swayed slightly and I hoped and prayed … Continue reading

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Come Sail Away

After a few days of sitting around Panama City I am starting to go a little stir crazy, waiting for e-mail confirmations on shipping my bike to Colombia. Panama and Colombia are not connected by road, there is an area … Continue reading

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