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Crossing into Panama

     I arrived at the border early today, not knowing what to expect but expecting long delays. The usual “helpers” came out of nowhere all looking to make a few dollars by making things seem more difficult than they … Continue reading

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Entering Costa Rica

With a bit of a hangover and only 3 hours sleep I packed my bike and got ready to go to Costa Rica. Locals told me it would take seven hours to reach San Jose, so at 7am I was … Continue reading

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Entering Nicaragua

After my experience entering Honduras I was determined not to use “helpers” for Nicaragua. Exiting Honduras was easy enough, hand in a form, a stamp here another there and good bye Honduras.  I got back on my bike and was … Continue reading

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Entering El Salvador

After 21 days I have left Guatemala, I originally planned on spending on six days. It was hard to say goodbye to Guatemala. Despite what happened to me out at Lake Atitlan I had a great time. I made so … Continue reading

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Entering Guatemala

Entering Guatemala from La Mesilla was an easy and simple process. On the Guatemala side everything you needed was side by side and the fees for bringing the motorcycle in were minor. Leaving Mexico and entering Guatemala took less than … Continue reading

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The Truth about Mexico

Well the predictions were wrong! I did not die in Mexico. I was not shot, tortured, raped, decapitated nor had my eyes cut out. I am alive and well in Guatemala having a Glenlivet and watching the people walk by. … Continue reading

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Mexico – Day 2

I know how much people love stories of danger and chaos; I wish I had one for you. Day two in Mexico was overall pretty boring. The roads were for the most part well maintained with only a few areas … Continue reading

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Crossing into Mexico

I woke up extra early this morning in preparation to cross into Mexico. Given all of the stories that I have heard about Mexico I was nervous about making the trip and there have been times I considered not going … Continue reading

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