Entering Nicaragua

After my experience entering Honduras I was determined not to use “helpers” for Nicaragua. Exiting Honduras was easy enough, hand in a form, a stamp here another there and good bye Honduras.  I got back on my bike and was immediately approached by a beautiful woman carrying a clipboard. I don’t like clipboards; they usually mean I am going to have to pay something. I tried to drive away but heard the woman say “Senor, documentos de la moto”. She was an official with the Nicaraguan government and had the papers I needed for the motorcycle, and I was right, I did have to pay.

My beautiful clipboard carrying official offered to be my “helper” for only $5. Not wanting to repeat the mistakes from Honduras, but finding it hard to say no to a beautiful woman, I told her she could be my helper if she rode on my bike. My offer was declined and I was on my own again. Forms in hand I lined up, a few more stamps and some extra photocopies and “Welcome to Nicaragua”, no fuss no hassle.

I rode the short distance to Managua and called it a night early so I could plan my stay in Nicaragua.

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One Response to Entering Nicaragua

  1. Jane Rose says:

    Wooo Hooo! You are gaining in savvy skills to deter the money-takers. I’ll bet you have a different kind of confidence now – after all the countries/experiences you’ve had. Good for you.
    It is very exciting to see your little dot move on the map. I have several folks in North Carolina regularly asking for info about you. But I am back in Syracuse as of an hour ago. Home also feels good, but I keep refining my escape plans. Thanks for the inspiration, kiddo.

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