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5 days at Sea – Panama to Colombia

Day 1 I held my breath and watched from the small boat below as my motorcycle was being hoisted onto the top deck of the ship. Three meters above the ocean my motorcycle swayed slightly and I hoped and prayed … Continue reading

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Come Sail Away

After a few days of sitting around Panama City I am starting to go a little stir crazy, waiting for e-mail confirmations on shipping my bike to Colombia. Panama and Colombia are not connected by road, there is an area … Continue reading

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Why I Ride

My helmet locks into place and the familiar click rings momentarily in my ear. The bike is loaded kickstand is up and I accelerate out of the parking lot. There is no destination in mind today, I will just ride. … Continue reading

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Crossing into Panama

     I arrived at the border early today, not knowing what to expect but expecting long delays. The usual “helpers” came out of nowhere all looking to make a few dollars by making things seem more difficult than they … Continue reading

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