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  1. Aaron P says:

    Read up on part of your website this morning. I’m from Ogden, Utah and 28 years old. What part of Ontario is your presentations and do you know of anything similar in the states within a 800-mile radius of Utah? Would be fascinated to hear more to the stories and practical ways to get ready for a journey such as this. Are any of these presentations ever placed out for a Podcast after the presentation?

    First question, how much should one prepare to spend for a journey such as yours from South America (SA) to Alaska (AK) (gas, hotel, repairs on bike, other necessary items, etc)… Second question, when you planned your trip, what was an average distance and hours on the bike you would spend traveling per day? Third question, with opposite seasons in effect, would you start in summer in Alaska and work your way down to Chile and Argentina to hit their spring time if heading out for 8-months?

    Personal experience: I lived in Chile for two years from 2004-2006 and lived in the northern parts of Chile (Arica, Iquique, Mejilliones, Antofagasta, and Copiapo) and really enjoyed my experience in Chile. Looking at your pictures took me back to the dry desert and the Caratera east of Iquique & Antofagasta.

    Thumbs up to your experience & thanks for sharing.

    Aaron Parr

  2. Greg says:

    The meeting for 2015 will be in Orillia Ontario. chekc out the website for Horizons Unlimited for meetings in your area.

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