Don’t Equate Your Motorcycle Adventure with No Safety Gear

Adventure bikes are meant for adventures. Featuring engine guards, long travel suspension, and big fuel tanks, the adventure motorbike is built with off-road, remote environments in mind.

While the bike is ready to go on water crossings, high deserts, snow, gravel, and dirt, the rider should also be ready to tackle all the different landscapes. Riding an adventure motorcycle doesn’t mean that you don’t have to keep yourself safe!

For this reason, riders must be equipped with the following safety gear when going on an adventure.

  • Jacket

Riders going on an adventure must consider the riding jacket as their best companion. It is the biggest gear piece you will put on, and it will be the one piece that will help you the most during a road rash. Not only does such a riding jacket protect the body from various elements, but it is also a storage space for various personal items.

While the jacket must be able to protect you, it should also fit you well and be comfortable. It should also provide sufficient ventilation and feature various compartments for your wallet, phones, etc.

The jacket must be waterproof too. A majority of the jackets claim to be waterproof, however, only very few of them are truly waterproof when you test them against the elements. So, go for a reliable brand.

To ensure that you are on the safe side, you must cover the jacket as well as other protective gear with waterproof spray. Adventure jackets are available in a number of options so, you must pick out one which has comfortable armor in the shoulder and elbow area. Moreover, having a spine protector in one is recommended.

  • Gloves

Having a standard lightweight riding glove is ideal for traveling many miles on smooth and even terrain, but, it is also a good idea to have another pair with you so that you can switch the pair if the situation demands (they become damaged, etc).

If you will be traveling in cold weather then you must opt for heated or cold-weather gloves. Meanwhile, if you plan to travel during hot conditions then ventilated gloves are the right option.

Other Safety Gear

Some other safety gear you should consider having with you on your motorcycle adventure, which we can talk more about in future posts:

  • A visor to protect your eyes.
  • A scarf to protect your face from dust if such a need occurs.
  • An emergency tool kit.
  • Don’t forget a water bottle even if you think you won’t need one and will just visit some pub along the way.
  • A small first aid kit.
  • You can also go for knee and elbow pads if you want.

The point is that you can do a lot to help ensure your safety during a motorcycling adventure. Don’t equate safety to decreasing your ‘cool’ factor. There’s nothing cool about risking your life.

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2 Responses to Don’t Equate Your Motorcycle Adventure with No Safety Gear

  1. Craig says:

    Hey Greg – It’s nice to come across a post that promotes motorcycle safety. Appreciate seeing some of the other safety gear items one should consider, as I for one often overlook those.

    BTW – Came across your blog on the Motorcycle GPS and Gear site, and had to come take a look

    • greg says:

      Thank you for the feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. I’ll be working on a few others in the near future.

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