Why Horizons Unlimited

I am very excited to be hosting the 7th Annual Horizons Unlimited Ontario event on May 24-27 2018. This is the second year I am Hosting the event but have been involved in the event since the very first one as both a presenter and member of the organization crew. One of my non-motorcycle friends was asking me about the event and when he found out that I did all this work on a volunteer basis as me why I did it. Here is what I told him.

Short answer – without Horizons Unlimited I never would have had my motorcycle adventure in 2011-2012. www.gregsadventure.com would not exist. I feel a sense of pride in inspiring others.

Longer answer

January 2nd 2010 as I stood along the wall of the temple of Ankor Wat in Cambodia I looked out across the field and into the parking lot where I saw the two Honda 250cc Baja motorcycles that my brother and I rented. Right then and there I made the decision that I would take a time off work and travel to exotic places my motorcycle. I had no idea how this would be accomplished, what was involved or what needed to be done, I only knew that I was going to do it.

Back in Canada I Googled “motorcycle adventure travel” and the first thing that came up was “Long Way Round” by Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman so I immediately ran out and bought the book. I finished the book rather quickly and when I put it down I was very disheartened and discouraged, I thought I needed to be a Jedi to ride a motorcycle any further than my own backyard. Fortunate for me there were a few other books listed as references in Long Way Round and I purchased a couple more books on the topic of motorcycle travel. One of those books mentioned Horizons Unlimited and I jumped on their website, there was a flood of information.  Under the events page I found upcoming event in North Carolina and immediately signed up.  Most people who I had mentioned my desire to ride around the world to though I was crazy and having a mid-life crisis and was in need of help. AT HU North Carolina I met people just like me who had done amazing motorcycle bike trips, and none of them we Jedi’s! Shortly after returning from HU North Carolina the final parts of my pan were put into motion, including handing in my letter of resignation.

With Horizons Unlimited I never would have had my motorcycle adventure in 2011-2012. www.gregsadventure.com would not exist. Sharing my story with others at HU Ontario and inspiring others to seek their dreams has become a new passion for me.  Check out the website http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/

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