Argentina – Country #14

Border crossing have become somewhat routine and uneventful and Argentina, my 14th country was no different.  Line up and fill out a form, stamp,  another line and another stamp: welcome to Argentina.

Wanting to get south I just started to ride once I was across the border, stopping just briefly for a few photos by a lake. The riding was great, the sun was shining the road was perfect and I was able to cover a lot of distance. I made it to the town of Esquel and started my hotel search. Noticing three other riders obviously travelling, I quickly joined them and we started a hotel search together. My new friends were from Alaska and were also heading to Ushuaia. We became instant friends and started to share tall tales over beer shortly after the bikes were securely parked. I am amazed at how small the world has become, my Alaska friends crossed the Darien Gap the same day I did and we actually met once before back in Colombia, we have also since met many of the same other motorcycle travelers.

After saying goodbye to my Alaska friends I continued to head south. My bike was about to reach 70,000 kilometers ad I love watching the numbers change when I reach such milestones.  Fortunately I was able to keep one eye on the odometer and the other on the road, because without warning a bird that looked like a baby Ostrich ran right in front of my bike. Braking, weaving the bike and I missed the stupid bird by just a few centimeters. I pulled over to try and get a photo but by the time I stopped, took of my think winter gloves, unzipped my jacket to grab the camera the bird was gone and so was the 70,000km milestone, the odometer read 70,001 km. After fighting high winds and cold I finally made it to the small town of Sarmiento and looked up the bird I saw on the road, it is called Rhea Americana.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Good to hear your back on the road buddy, enjoy ruta 40, I hear its all paved after Tres Lagos now. the dirt is fun till there anyhow.

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