Entering Peru

I entered Peru through the small town of Huaquillas today in what had to be the easiest border crossing ever. Stamp out of Ecuador, drive 4 kilometers to Peru, fill out a simple form for the bike, drive around the corner and get a stamp from Immigration. Welcome to Peru. The whole process took 40 minutes. No helpers jumping out from behind building or trees, no fees to be paid and no money changers  either (good thing the ATM was no too far away).

I am mentally prepared for border crossing to take an entire day, so at 9:40 am, having the entire day in front of me I decided to just ride.  More later, I am a bit tired today.

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2 Responses to Entering Peru

  1. Jane Rose says:

    Peru looks so BIG. Nice that you finally got free of the potholes for a bit. I noticed some double haul semis in the next set of pix…. they must be traveling the same unpaved portions as you are. Do you meet them coming at you on some of those curves and edges? How much traffic do you see in a day? Any motorhomes venturing out there?

    Oh, you have Comments Off on your next entry. Those pix are quite wonderful. And living in the moment is where it is at, kiddo.

  2. greg says:

    The haul trucks stick to the pavement – Thankfully. The curves and edges are dangerous but fortunately I can see most of them coming – here in Peru anyway. Almost got taken out in Mexico by one. Traffic all depends on the day, some days I am almost totally alone, others I have traffic all the time, always lots of traffic in the cities. Have not seen a Motorhome since I left the USA (thank God – they scare me the most)

    Not sure how I did the “comments off” thing. Have to fix it

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