No Plan

Some people wake up each day with a plan, a detailed schedule on how their day will unfold, and this works for them. My day started like this “Hey look, there is a ferry to Labrador!”  “Cool, but it lands in Quebec”.  “No problem, Newfoundland to Quebec then onwards to Labrador.”  Let’s Ride !

We started our day in nice 15 degree weather, a little overcast but then came the rain, but we made it to the ferry on time. Just in time as we were the last two vehicles onboard.  Crossing on the ferry was exciting for me as I saw my first iceberg; it was off the port bow. Landing in Labrador 90 minutes later we were greeted by more rain, high winds and a little snow. The winds were so high that I could not average more than 60 km/hr and it felt like I was riding on an angle as I had to lean so far over just to keep the bike on the road.  A Harley and a Honda in Labrador.

Making to back to the ferry in time we headed north and completed the rest of the Viking Trail in northern Newfoundland and are now resting in St Anthony.

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