Live Long and Prosper

July 30th – Vulcan Alberta

Captain, Klingon War Birds de-cloaking of the port bow!

Evasive maneuvers. Maintain current speed.

The War Bird has matched our course and speed. They are charging weapons.

Red Alert! Battle stations everyone!

Captain, direct hit to our shields. Shields down by 20%.

Return fire. Target their engines. Fire Photon torpedoes. 

Direct hit, but only minor damages to the Klingon ship. CAPTAIN, Another War bird is de-cloaking, starboard side, weapons charged.

Fire at will, give them everything we’ve got.

One Klingon ship is disabled; second ship has suffered minor damage.

Lay in a course for …….

Captain! The Klingons are launching their new secret weapon, the Honda Varadero, a stealth fighter occupied by a single warrior. It is firing a new weapon; shields down another 20%.

Evasive maneuvers. Fire at will!

I cannot lock weapons on the Honda Varadero! Captain, we are no match! Shields have failed; engines are not responding, fires on decks 4, 5 and 8. WARP CORE BREACH!

All hands – abandon ship!



The town of Vulcan Alberta has a lot to offer, even if you’re not a Star Trek fan. Vulcan has a golf course, Rodeo grounds, camping, a pool and water park, a museum and the list goes on. I had a great dinner at the Vulcan County Inn and lunch at Subway. Only 105km south of Calgary do yourself a favour and stop by if you’re in the area, or come for the annual Star Trek convention held each June. or call them at 403-485-2417.

Star Trek  –

Honda Varadero –

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  1. Sean says:

    ya well, that was quite a post. I was not expecting delusional commentary until you hit Columbia.

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