Heading South

After spending just over 2 days in the shop my bike is back on the road and better than ever (knock on wood).  The rim was professionally welded and is stronger than before, the spark plugs were changed, oil change was needed and a full inspection was performed, all at a cost of just under $300. Had I been back in Canada the rim would have been replaced, not repaired and that would have cost at least $500. There is a different mindset down here when it comes to making things work, repair rather than replace, look for solutions and try and save money.

I excited to get back on the road again; I have a continent to cross. I want to spend the next several days just riding, each day a new city, further south than I was the day before. Soon I will reach the Equator, hopefully before Christmas.


www.africamotos.com  A great place to get your bike fixed if you are in Colombia

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2 Responses to Heading South

  1. Jane Rose says:

    yeah, and I suspect that after each “incident” you experience that YOU are even more resourceful and put back together stronger than ever!
    Equator!!! yippeee —can’t wait for THAT milestone.

  2. Roberto says:


    This is a good news, keep us informed how it goes the performance of the bike with the repair.

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