Bike is Out

Finally ! The bike is out of winter storage. The weather this spring has been unbelievable, a snow storm two weekends ago, cold rain all week and most mornings we still have frost on the ground. Not fun riding weather. I did not know if I should wear a rain suit or a snow suit.

The only good thing about this delay was that I was able to have the shop put on my new Denali LED lights, Barkbuster Hand guards and the Kaoko Throttle Lock Cruise Control. I would have preferred doing this work myself, but at least it’s done and I did not have to freeze my hands doing it.

It was a short, cold and wet ride home so I did not get a chance to check out the Kaoko Throttle Lock properly but I did sit in the dark garage turning the Denali’s on and off, on and off. The lights are amazingly bright. They could take your eye out. This weekend reflective tape was added to my side panniers for greater visibility. I don’t do much riding at night but now with the Denali’s and the reflective tape it will feel safer doing so.


Looking for a place in Toronto to store your bike for the winter? I have used Cyclewerx at 1660 Bloor Street West for a couple of years now. They are great guys, easy to deal with, fast efficient, repairs to all makes and models.

Check out the specs and videos of the Denali LED lights at Twisted Throttle.

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    Bravo, me parece, es la frase brillante

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