Death Valley

I woke up early to get a head start on the heat; Death Valley didn’t get its name by having comfortable temperatures. Entering through Scotty’s Junction I soon came across Scotty Castle, a rather unique and old castle with an interesting history. I was early enough to get a private tour as no other tourists had arrived.

I went to Ubehebe Crater and then made the long ride through Death Valley to Stovepipe Wells Villiage for lunch. The road was amazing, not a car in sight, twists and turns and amazing views of one of the most unique places on earth. Lunch service was very slow and the food was not worth mentioning. After lunch, I really started to notice the heat and I was not even half way out of Death Valley but with plenty of water I was keeping hydrated and it was not too uncomfortable. Continuing on through Death Valley towards Furnace Creek I was blown away by what I was seeing, this place was amazing and very hard to describe. I took a tour of “Artists Drive” twice as it was so breath taking.

There were some great opportunities to go off road, which I did, but as my water was getting low I did not venture to far away from the main road. After hiking to see a natural bridge I decided it was time to call it a day, low on water, getting hot and tired it was time get some rest. The long ride out was as amazing as the long ride in. I camped in Shoshone and was able to take a long swing in a natural hot spring pool.

At breakfast I met Randy Banis, editor of and he told me of some sand dunes just 40 miles south. I had a score to settle with the sand dunes and decided to check them out. I found the dunes easily and the place was entirely deserted. I rode right up to them, then around the park grounds. Dunes 1, Greg 1 – the score has been settled.

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