I Tell You Whut

After arriving in Texas I followed the Rio Grand Rive to Del Rio Texas and stopped for the night where I camped just outside of town. The campsite was overrun with deer and at one point I counted 14 deer walking through the campground.  It was so hot outside that sleeping was difficult and I slept on top of my sleeping bag with the tent flaps open, fortunately there was nobody else around.

I eventually made it to Kyle Texas where the bike was going to be serviced and I would reconnect with a fellow motorcyclist that I met while riding to Prudhoe Bay. Once in Kyle things started to change. It seems that the local Honda dealer is having trouble ordering the brake pads that I need, despite the fact that I gave them not only the part numbers from Honda but the name and part numbers from an after market dealer as well. Now I play the waiting game.

While waiting for my parts to arrive I joined a local motorcycle club, the Road Rockers. The Road Rockers are a group of local Harley riders who promised to show me a good ol’ fashioned Texas friendly good time. The first order of business was a club meeting to be held at a place called Twin Peaks http://www.twinpeaksrestaurant.com/ the good ol’ fashioned good time has started. After a hardy meal and some great views, “We Ride”.  The first order of riding business was to show me some interesting sites in Texas. One of the first places was Lukenbach, a town made famous by a good ol’ country song. In Lukenbach I was a somebody, because “everybody is a somebody in Lukenbach”. The great rides in Texas continued for the past few days and I have seen a great deal of the real Texas.

The next order of business was to work on my English. I have had to learn things like “I tell you whut”, “gawd dang”, “gum dad” and of course “yaw’all”. I was kicked out of grade 9 French so languages don’t come easily for me, but I am getting the hang of this Texan language.

Tonight was the final initiation, I had to catch an Armadillo (or “Armadilla” as they say in Texas) by the tail. I have never seen an Armadillo before and fortunately right after dinner I spotted one outside the restaurant. Much faster than I expected he easily got away. A short distance away another one, so I took off after him. This one was mine, he was not getting away not matter what. I chased him down, through the field and along the fence until finally his tail was in reach. I lunged forward and grabbed his tail. The Armadillo was more powerful than I thought and he started to claw his way under the fence, eventually breaking free. Assuming my membership into the Road Rockers would not be accepted I went home in defeat. However, once at home I checked my computer and found an acceptance e-mail welcoming me into the Road Rockers. I tell you whut I was some gum dad excited.

My Honda pats should arrive on Friday, while I wait another trip to Twin Peaks is in order.


Luckenbach Texas http://www.luckenbachtexas.com/

Luckenbach song lyrics http://www.cowboylyrics.com/lyrics/jennings-waylon/luckenbach-texas-13118.html

Armadillo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armadillo

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4 Responses to I Tell You Whut

  1. Harry says:

    Oh Boy! What’s happened to that mild mannered accountant from Ontario. You’re talking like a ‘good-ol-boy’, joined a motorcycle gang, have taken up chasing poor innocent wild life around parking lots, and probably switched from scotch to bourbon. Before you know it we’ll probably see you wearing a bandana, a cut-off T shirt and riding a Harley. Best get back on that Honda and on the road again before you lose all perspective.
    Seriously, it sounds like you are having the time of your life. Enjoy!!

  2. greg says:

    I think the heat might be getting to me, next time that Armadillo is not getting away. I’m fixing to gets me one of dem critters.
    Seriously – Texans and Texas is great!

  3. Jane Rose says:

    So, you’re a Texan now! Can ya spit, boy? Do ya got a gun? Do ya got a dawg?
    I love it that the guys took you under their wings and showed you some real Texas. You’ll never be the same. And that might be good for ya, hun. You are doin’ it right thar, aintcha!

    My Texas friends that camp host in Seward are amazing, too. With your additional recommendations, I’ll be headed there within the year! Can’t wait.
    Keep safe.

  4. mike says:

    hi greg ijust finished emailing chuck slinger man ihave just read your archives great job when i was 35 i travelled for 3 months around usa best trip so far in my life im 60 now and still riding as long and almost as hard as i did then enjoy looking forward to readjng more of your journey . good luck @rubber side down mike s14

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