Relaxing on a Mexican Beach

I reached Oaxaca early in the day and I started to look for a hotel. The first few hotels I found did not have secure parking for my motorcycle so I moved on towards the airport, where there are usually plenty of hotels. I never did find the airport. Instead I found myself at a gas station pondering if I should stay in Oaxaca or continue on. I am not sure why but I decided to skip Oaxaca and continued along highway 175 toward the coast.

I stopped for the night in a town called Miahuatlan and set out for something to eat. I met Lino, a young guy running an Internet Café called “El Super Raton” (the super mouse). Lino spoke excellent English and told me more about Mexico, his town and luckily for me his Mom ran a taco stand just down the block, finally real Mexican food. Early in the evening I watched a funeral pass by, the most interesting thing was at the end of the funeral procession were three guys selling ice cream. Although it was hot, I decided not to buy any.

I continued along highway 175, which in my books is one of the greatest motorcycle roads ever, with its twists and turns and numerous road hazards makes for never a dull moment, the view is breath taking as well. For breakfast I stopped in a real next Mexican town called San Jose Del Pacifico, nestled among the mountains. I did the best I could to order my food in Spanish, and when the waiter brought my order he said “Do you speak English”, might have helped had he asked me this earlier. San Jose Del Pacifico is worth stopping at and riding around, it’s a small town and will take no more than 15 minutes.

Continuing along the 175 was great fun, often the road became engulfed in overhead tress, blocking out the sun. As I emerged from the jungle like road the sky appeared a very different shade of blue. As I got close I realized it was not the sky but the Ocean, I had reached the Pacific Ocean. I easily found a hotel with secure parking and went for a swim to cool off. I signed up for a tour today and spent the day snorkeling, cliff diving (ok, jumping from a very high rock) and enjoying the sun. It was the first time I met other tourists and having an English conversation was a real treat. I met one couple from California who have been travelling around Mexico by bus, mostly at night, proving once again the Mexico is not as dangerous as people are saying.

Today (October 9th) is Canadian Thanksgiving, I am going out searching for a taco stand.

Oh oh – I lost track of the days again – tomorrow is Thanksgiving – thanks Brett.

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3 Responses to Relaxing on a Mexican Beach

  1. Candy and Ron says:

    Looks beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving…enjoy the turkey taco!! I’m sure if you close your eyes while having dinner, you will even taste the mashed potatoes and gravy. Enjoy the sunshine and the beach, leaves are all falling here and Fall is in its full display of colour.

  2. Jane Rose says:

    The pix are beautiful; the road looks… um… interesting. Well, it looks beautiful as does the scenery. Needing complete focus for safety on the road can be tiring, but you are finding wonderful spots to relax and enjoy. The ocean looks terrific.
    Glad you are getting good local advice for scenic routes.

  3. Lorna says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Greg!
    Dont feel bad for missing the turkey aand trimmings–I didnt have turkey either–thank-heavens! Couldnt look at turkey again for awhile lol Pics and comments on Mexico are great! It is truly a beautiful place!

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