La Boca, Argentina

“Don’t go there its dangerous”  – stranger on the street when I told them I was going to La Boca.

I am so tired of hearing this “Don’t go there its dangerous”  and then the rants of all the bad things that are going to happen to me. Ever since I pulled out of my drive way 8 months ago I have been bombarded with warnings of my inevitable death. Nobody trusts their neighbour, in the next place I will surely die, but first I will be tortured. One day I will die, but first I will live.

“Don’t go there its dangerous”   that expression makes me want to go even more. I always go, I always meet the best and most interesting people and I am always warned against the next place, but never the place I am in.  I ask people “what happened to you when you went there” and the answer is always the same “I have never been there”.

La Boca was a fun and interesting place bright and colourful with lots of street shows and endless opportunities to be entertained. I felt safe, so many tourists, all bussed in because they were afraid. I walked the 30 minutes from my hostel and got a blister, I need new shoes, next time I will ride over.

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  1. Jane Rose says:

    We are glad that you have the adventurous spirit that is open to every place. People who are fearful will always find something/one/place to settle that fear upon — and that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So does your positive, life-seeking spirit — you will always find joy in the end.

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