Hero’s Highway Ride

After spending so many months riding solo it felt very strange to be pulling out onto the road with so many other bikes. When my friend Sean emailed me a few weeks ago about the Hero’s Highway ride I told him he could count me in, I would be there rain or shine. I could not think of a better way to spend a Saturday, riding motorcycles, climbing on Military equipment and supporting people who deserve support but don’t always get the support they deserve.

Arriving early was a great idea! The Soldiers were every eager to give us a tour and explanation of the equipment they had on display and a Canadian C-130 Hercules made a low flying pass as a thousand motorcycles revved their engines.  Talk about creating excitement!

We left in groups of 50, pulling out of Canadian Forces Base in Trenton and heading towards Toronto along the Hero’s Highway. Over 1,000 bikers came out to show support for our Canadian Soldiers serving overseas. It did not take long for the groups of 50 bikes to get bunched up, we were riding as a group of several hundred by the time we were only 50 kilometers into our 200 kilometer ride. It felt amazing, we passed under bridges covered in people waving the Canadian Flag and giving us the thumbs up. It was a great show of support all the way to Cherry Beach in Toronto.

We all arrived at “The Sound Academy” in Toronto for the closing ceremonies.  Some of the speeches were too long, the personal stories of fallen soldiers were too short but the live music was nice and loud. It was also here that I met the lovely and very sweet Theresa Longo – aka; Miss Italia North America 2011 -12, Miss Budweiser Honda Indy 2010, 2012 SUNshine Girl Swimsuit Edition ,  2010 SUNshine Girl Calendar (Miss December). I invited her for a ride on my motorcycle; she accepted, I gave her my number and I have been waiting by the phone ever since.  She must be busy.


Hero’s Highway Ride http://www.heroshighwayride.com/

Theresa Longo http://www.theresalongo.com/


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