Roadside Attraction Ride (part 2 of 2)

After a fun night at one of the two watering holes in Hearst it was time to get back on the road.  Just outside of Hearst I turned left onto ON-631, another amazing road. While riding the 631 I was flooded with memories for the ride to Yukon as well as the Cassiar Highway in BC. The 631 was fun to ride, long corners, hills, sharp twists, lakes and rivers and overall the road was well maintained. The 631 was well over 150km long and my mind was racing with memories of my adventure across the Americas that ended just a few months ago. I still miss the open road. Being on a schedule is very different for me.

At the end of ON-631 was a giant thermometer and Winnie the Pooh, just waiting to be photographed. Wawa had giant geese and Sault Saint Marie had so many roadside attractions that I could not even find them all, but the mean looking Moose holding a hunter was one of my favourites. I was having a lot of fun; it was like a scavenger hunt on a motorcycle.

Riding along the shores of Lake Superior was amazing, one of the most scenic places in Ontario that I have ever visited. I have now added to my “bucket list” to circle Lake Superior on a bike. It feels good to have an adventure in the works and I thought about it a lot for the next few hours, until a giant red chair distracted me.  I was starting to get dark and with all the deer in this area I wanted to make it home before nightfall to avoid getting it by one, but I still had more attractions on my list including the final one – Sudbury’s Big Nickel. I made it to the Big Nickel just after the sun went down which made for a cool night time photo.

When I first started planning this trip I thought it was really corny, but then the corniness of it made it fun. Once on the road and the feeling of a scavenger hunt started to come over me I became determined to see as many of the roadside attractions as I could and have fun doing it. In the end 49 Roadside attractions were visited over a total of 1,639 kilometers.

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