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This past weekend was rather exciting for me. Not only did I pick up my book but I participated in another motorcycle event – this time as a vendor. Given the weather and the turn out I am pleased with the sales. It is exciting to see months of work come to completion.  Below is the final synopsis of the book and the website where you can order it from.

You can order through our website at


Synopsis“Motorcycling: A Lifelong Passion”

An engaging and heartfelt written and full color pictorial celebration of 2 Canadian men’s lifelong passion and adventures for motorcycling.


Frank Maloney, MBA, CPCC and Greg Powell, CGA are fervent motorcyclists who share the two-wheeled dream. As relevant to hard-core veterans as it is to novices and those curious about getting involved in the passionately exciting lifestyle and community/family found in motorcycling.

A unique book combining facts, color pictures and a motorcycle adventure story! A perfect colorful reading adventure as perfect for a coffee table or side case. Additionally, it makes a one of a kind memorable gift for anyone.

Discover :


– Greg’s life changing and at times incredible 65,000 km, 11 month, 14 country solo adventure and journey travelling the four corners of the Americas. From Toronto east to Newfoundland, then west and north to Alaska’s Arctic to the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia, South America. Go along for the ride as Greg got attacked and robbed, experienced romance and triumphed over the elements, geography, conditions and his own limitations and fears

– The history and development of motorcycling from motorized bicycles to future concepts. Discover famous motorcyclists in history

– Women and motorcycling

– Best types of motorcycles for your specific needs

– Best motorcycle TV shows and movies!

– “Bucket list” motorcycle trips

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One Response to Book is now Ready for Sale

  1. Jane Rose says:

    Your book is a compelling read. The alternating chapters provide just the right amount of tension/excitement, information, and wonder at the adventure. Great teamwork at producing this book!

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