MOA event – Dry run for HU

I arrived at the MOA (Motorcycle Owners of America) event in Orillia a little later Friday night than I planned but still in enough time to grab a cold beer and have some delicious snacks. Once I got settled in it was time for the camp file and sharing some tall tales of motorcycle adventure.

I have been working hard on the Horizons Unlimited Ontario event which I am helping organize and the MOA event was the perfect dry run, as it was being held at the same location and following a similar format. We had presentations, riding skill competition, vendors followed by movie or campfires at night. The food was amazing, big breakfasts of bacon, eggs, French toast, burgers and salads for lunch and an amazing lasagna for dinner, all served family style and all you can eat, more than enough to go around.

I tried Yoga for the first time ever in my life. Yoga for motorcyclist taught by Diana Londono, it was harder than I thought but also a lot more fun and I felt much better afterwards. She is on the agenda twice at the HU meeting, check it out, I’m definitely going back. Miguel had the opportunity to practice his First Aid for motorcyclist demonstration and I heard a lot of positive feedback from everyone who attended. Once again I missed Lorry and Kelli Gombos presentation on “Central Asia and the Pamir Highway on a Vstrom”, that’s twice now, third times a charm maybe? Find out in June. No matter how much experience you have on a bike, you will always learn from Clinton Smout’s riding skills demo.

photo 3

First Aid Demo

This facility is amazing, the staff are wonderful, the cabins are great, the presentation rooms are comfortable and well equipped. If you are even thinking about motorcycle travel, come out to the HU Ontario meeting this June, it’s going to be bigger and better than this MOA event, and your hosts are one step ahead now. Sign up here

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photo 4



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