Highway 20 in Washington – Amazing !

Squamish, British Columbia to Twisp Washington

Waking up early to cool air and grey skies in Squamish BC, I decided to get an early start and head south. Breaking camp was easy and I quickly had the bike packed and ready, I just really needed a shower, which the campground provided.

Returning from the shower I hear a voice calling me “Would you like a coffee?” It was my new neighbour across from my tent at the campground. Being the friendly guy that I am and not one to refuse a free coffee I took him up on his offer.  My new neighbour, Trevor, was as tall as he was round, had bright red hair and a black cat named Coal. The coffee was good and the conversation soon turned to hockey. I told him about my prize possession, a personalized autographed jersey from Vladislov Tretiak, so much for my early start. After 90 minutes of talking hockey I managed to get on the bike and head for the USA. Trevor as a local guy and gave me great directions to the quickest crossing. The quickest crossing turned out to take one hour and fifteen minutes.

Once across into the US I start down Interstate #5 and decided to head for highway 20 towards Coeur D’Alene in Idaho (one of the 1000 Places I should see before I die). Highway 20 was an amazing ride! It had twists and turns, tunnels and bridges, over the mountains, through the valleys, past rivers and lakes and best of all, not a cop in sight. My heart was racing from the excitement of this road! The sun was shining, there was no rain and also no traffic, most of the time I had the road to myself, all 226 kilometers (141 miles) of it. I did not want it to end, but sadly all good things must, and I finished with Ice Cream and motorcycle conversation in a town called Windthrop Washington. Windthrop is set up like a western saloon style town and I was not sure if I should park my bike or tie it to a post like a trusty old steed.  The only thing slowing me down was a fake police car with two dummies inside.This is a road my Harley friend David would have loved, and if he as here, I would have rode it faster.

I am over budget so I continued to Twisp and found a cheap Motel and even cheaper wine (The Glenlivet is out of my price range for a while). I would have camped tonight but I lost my pillow and when you have a neck like mine, pillows are important. There is an outdoor store in Twisp, maybe they have inflatable pillows.


The greatest goalie of all time, and my hero, Valdislov Tertiak http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladislav_Tretiak

A cool little town in Washington State – Windthrop http://www.winthropwashington.com/directions.html

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2 Responses to Highway 20 in Washington – Amazing !

  1. Ivy Chang says:

    It is very beautiful pictures and enjoyed reading the blog post. Keep it up and be safe.

  2. Jane Rose says:

    I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU WERE IN TWISP!!!! My daughter and her husband are building a cabin on the Twisp River and I have been here since Wednesday and we are leaving later today for Seattle. We’ve been staying with friends in Winthrop and must have passed on the road in either town at one time or another!!! Hey, Greg, it is a SMALL world.
    See what happens if I don’t check on you every day!!!

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