Getting my Kicks on Route 66

After leaving Las Vegas and stopping at the Hover Dam, I found myself in Kingman Arizona at a Route 66 museum and information center.  I got a map of Route 66 and a sticker for my bike. Lunch was at a 50’s style diner called Mr. D’s where I met a group of 29 Harley riders from Germany. They were on a tour of Route 66 organized by Frank Heubaum from Dreamcatcher Biker Tours. Although they are based out of Germany it was from these guys that I got the best tips on Route 66.

My first stop was Oatman, AZ an old style wild west town with wooden storefronts, burrows walking on the main streets and an endless supply of Route 66 souvenirs. I arrived just in time to see a wild-west show of a mock bank robbery, turned comedy show. It was a lot of fun and well preformed.

I headed back east bound along route 66 through the twisty roads that made up this part of Route 66, the scenery was amazing. Surprisingly, Route 66 was not heavily travelled and it was not long before I was in the town of Seligman, stopping for fuel. It was getting a bit late, I was feeling tired and getting ready to call it a night. I met another couple on their Harley and they suggested I push on to the historic town of Williams as it was a rather unique and interesting place. Although it was a little hard to find a room in Williams it was well worth the drive. Williams’s main street is set up in 50’s style diners and western entertainment, definitely a unique and interesting place.

In the morning I decided to head for Winslow Arizona, but first I stopped at the Meteor Crater just outside of Flagsaff. The Meteor Crater was a disappointment. For a $15 dollar admission I was expecting something spectacular, instead it was nothing more than a hole in the ground. There was a meteor crater in Death Valley that was bigger and more beautiful, and free.

My friend David, who I rode to eastern Canada with, got me in two new habits 1. Ending a day of motorcycle riding with a Scotch and 2. Starting a day of motorcycle riding by listening to “Take it Easy” by The Eagles. Getting to Winslow Arizona was important to me.  I arrived early only to find a large group of Harley riders on a tour from Australia. I had to wait a long time to get my photo taken stand’n on the corner in Winslow Arizona, but it was worth it.

The heat has been a little draining on me so I decided to cut the day short, found a cheap motel and called it a day. I plan on grabbing a nap then checking out the nightlife in Winslow and getting an early start tomorrow. In the morning I am heading to the Grand Canyon, another place very high on my bucket list.


Route 66 stretches from Chicago to Los Angles, I rode only a part of it in Arizona.  Well worth checking out if you’re driving in the US  

Dreamcatcher Biker Tours 

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1 Response to Getting my Kicks on Route 66

  1. Jane Rose says:

    Fellow travelers ARE often the best sources – you are right. And your scotch and music routine will be useful when you want to recall this trip years from now. Long rides and stunning (or boring) scenery will burn this freedom into your head. The stretches that seem unending are an important part of the inner journey, too.

    Glad you are staying upright and not seeing blue & red lights trailing you. Play safe, my friend.

    Nice pix.

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