Entering Ecuador – Advantage Motorcycle

It was a tough decision to leave Colombia. I was enjoying it there and there was still so much more to see, but the weather was not co-operating. Waking up to another day of rain, I made the decision to head south.

As I approached the border I could not believe the back up of vehicles. I immediately started to regret my decision and thought about turning around and finding another border crossing. But then I just did what motorcycles here always do, drove up the center lane and cut to the front of the line. The line was over 2km long and I was now at the front of it, handing in my bike papers and getting my passport stamped, the advantage of having two wheels.

Next came entering Ecuador. I again cut in front of all the traffic and quickly found the office for bringing in the motorcycle. The paperwork for the bike to a little while but the man doing the paperwork was moving at a snail’s pace and every two minutes a woman came in crying because she owed $143.71 USD for something that I did not understand. Then came immigration, the lineup was long and I was expecting to be there for a long time when suddenly a police man sent me to a separate window, why I have no idea. Passport was stamped and two minutes later I was driving in Ecuador.

Five kilometers into Ecuador was another huge back-up of traffic, so I cut to the front again. This time however the police motioned for me to pull over for inspection, they were the Anti-Narcotic squad. My side boxes and top case were searched very thoroughly. Finding nothing I was soon on my way and still ahead of the car that I passed. Advantage motorcycle.  


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One Response to Entering Ecuador – Advantage Motorcycle

  1. Jane Rose says:

    This is too funny! I am glad you just hopped to the front of the line…. after all, that is the cycle advantage!
    The mountains look intimidating. Hope your weather becomes sunny.

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