The honeymoon is over – NOT

I got married this October and besides the normal “congratulations” the next most common thing I heard was “are you selling your bike now?” Before I could say anything my wife responded “NO he is NOT”.  I married the right woman.  I also assume since my motorcycle was used in my proposal and there was a replica of my motorcycle on our wedding cake she had to of known it was here to stay.

We started off our honeymoon in Greece and I couldn’t help but notice the number of Honda Varadero’s on the streets of Athens. I was hoping to rent a bike while on our honeymoon but it really wasn’t a priority. We did some island hoping and when we landed in Mykonos to find most business shutting down for the winter we decided to explore the island – and what better way than on a motorcycle!

No motorcycles were available but there were 50cc scooters for only 15 Euro a day, and since they wanted only a driver’s license as collateral I figured why not! It felt strange riding this small scooter but I knew it was going to be fun. Once out of site of the rental company I cranked the throttle and reached a top speed on 52 km/hr !! Wow so exciting (lol), and I couldn’t help but wonder how fast this thing would go two up. I would find out soon enough.

With no back rest Liz hung on to me quite tightly, especially when I took the scooter off road! This thing was not meant for going off road but honestly, it looked like a regular road! We ended up at a remote lake, then a beach where all the homes were shut down for the winter, no tourists, it was very quiet. We continued around the island stopping frequently to take pictures and enjoy the amazing Greek food and hospitality. We ended up circling the entire island of Mykonos and finished off watching the sunset while parked on somebody’s private helicopter landing pad (it’s nice to travel slightly off season), nobody was home.

Liz even took the little scooter for a spin and had a lot of fun, now she wants to get her motorcycle license. She’s going to have to wait until spring now that we are back in Canada.

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Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

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  1. Liz says:

    I got my M2! Yay for me. I just need a bike now…. Liz (Greg’s better half)

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