New Gear

It has been time for new riding gear for a while now. My pants no longer fit me as I’ve managed to keep weight off. My Tourmaster jacket is looking worn, very worn, but it should since it is five years old and I wore it every day on the big adventure through all kinds of weather. It’s comfortable and I like it, but I’m starting to look like a vagabond. My boots are no longer comfortable and considering they were re-stitched by a shoe maker in the mountains of Peru back in 2011 I can’t help but be impressed with how long they have held up. I can’t remember the name brand of these boots and the label has worn off years ago.

After reading a lot of reviews on riding gear I have come to only one conclusion, all of the companies have hired great marketing people and its time to actually try the stuff on and check it out for myself.

After much jacket on, jacket off, pants on, pants off I finally decided on the Klim Latitude jacket and pants. They fit well and I like the quality and features. A friend of mine owns Klim as well and loves his gear. For boots I went with the Forma Adventure boots, again very comfortable and offered considerably more protection than my pervious pair. The boots are a bit stiff and feeling the shifter was a bit more difficult than my well-worn no-name boots were, but I’ll wear then in soon enough.


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