BunBurner 1500

After a hot shower and sleeping for only about 5 hours I was back on the road again to complete the second challenge – 1,500 miles in 36 hours. I was tired, but ready for the ride. It was still very early and a bit chilly so making good miles was initially easy.

I got about 1 hour into my ride and realized I had forgot to lube my chain when I stopped yesterday. Not good. Over 1,000 miles at high speed and I did not lube the chain when I stopped. I’m sure the chain was hot and although I serviced it before I left for the trip a ride like this called for at least a chain lube. I stopped for gas after a few hours and decided to lube the chain, not that it would do much good but it was better than nothing.

I passed through Dallas / Fort Worth with ease in the early morning, well before the rush hour started. By the time I got to San Antonio the traffic was heavy and the sun was beating down. San Antonio was the first time I really hit traffic and had to stop because if it. I wasn’t stopped long and continued to crawl along and really didn’t lose any time. It was getting hotter and hotter the further south I rode and I was debating if I had enough time to stop and strip off a layer. I chose not to as I was more focused on reaching Mexico.

I turned at Moore Texas onto highway 57 and saw a sign that read Eagle Pass 99 miles. The last 99 miles would be one of the hardest ride of my life. It was a long, straight, boring, and hot ride through a vast expanse of nothingness. Every 5 minutes it was like someone opened a giant oven door and I was hit with the rising heat. I had to open my modular helmet just to let the heat escape. I was starting to feel sick and the last thing I needed was to throw-up or even worse pass out. Opening the helmet made all the difference.

I finally made it to Eagle Pass and pulled into the Comfort Inn, checked in, had my witness form signed. BunBurner completed !! Now all I need to do is cross the border.

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