Attacked and robbed in Guatemala

Yesterday, while I was leaving lake Atitlan, I was attacked and robbed by three masked me carrying machetes. They took most of my possessions and cash. Fortunately my injuries are minor and the damage to the bike can be repaired.

Despite this set back and loss I am determined to continue my journey. With some help from friends I am safe in Guatemala City trying to sort things out and get back on the road.

I will post more once I get things sorted out and a new plan is in place.

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12 Responses to Attacked and robbed in Guatemala

  1. Lorna says:

    Sorry to hear about your attack–I hope you are doing well again How badly were you hurt and how bad is the damage to your bike? I guess you are lucky they didnt steal the bike along with all else! Thank goodness you have some good friends taking care of you and keeping you safe for now! Keep us posted –BE SAFE

  2. greg says:

    My injuries are mostly busing. The armour in my motorcycle clothing took most of the impact of the stone they launched at me, also from the fall. Bike now has battle scars and a broken mirror for sure, but is currently being looked over.

    Stupid me had cash on me, which is now gone.

  3. mike says:

    Hi Greg , im glad your alrite , theyre not much of men if they needed three of them, should of pulled a crocodile dundee ,pulled out a bigger knife, I think you need a little protection ,357 sounds real handy , and scare the shit out of them ,in the process, no need to hurt them just slow them down ,take care iam enjoying your journey , until today. your friend mike

  4. Jane Rose says:

    Thinking of you now and hoping your situation becomes better. It must have been a shock. We are all very, very happy you were not injured more! Thanks for keeping us informed. Our thoughts are with you, kiddo.

  5. Luis Vasquez says:

    Hi, I’m so sorry for this. I’m also a biker (dirt biker) so my thoughts are with you.

    I live in Guatemala, City. If I can be of any help please let me know.

    Luis Fernando Vasquez

  6. Richard says:

    I am soooo sorry this happened to you in my country. My wife and I ride pretty much every weekend and are lucky enough to be friends with Julio and Luisa. I wish things like that did not happen. Three bad guys are giving a beautiful country and its good people a bad name. If I can help you in anyway, Julio knows how to get a hold of me.

  7. Leah says:

    Didn’t have a chance to read the blog yesterday. I can’t believe it!! I’m echoing your friends above – so glad to hear that you’re ok. That is pretty scary but like Richard said – a few bad apples shouldn’t ruin your entire trip.
    Get some R&R while your bruises heal.

  8. Kevin S says:

    Greg Hope your recovering. As long as you have your health the rest is just stuff and can be replaced.

  9. Gerry A says:

    So sorry to hear about this ‘misadventure’. Make sure you rest up and also strategize with your contacts in Guatemala City on the next two countries you are going through. Costa Rica will though be a good rest stop for you. Keep up your spirits though. I think we are all enjoying your writings. This is definitely better than reality television and your life definitely sounds exciting.

  10. Hi Greg, Glad to hear your mugging in Guatemala wasn’t worse and you and the bike are ok. I’ve been following your trip with particular interest as I am about to head out from Toronto in a few weeks on virtually the same ride as you. Not going as far but I would welcome an “off-line” discussion with you about the ride. Speedy recovery!

  11. Greg,

    Glad your ok. Everything happens for a reason I suppose? Your not hurt and can continue so keep looking for the good time and don’t let anyone ruin your plans. Be safe and strong. You are in our thoughts. It does make me disappointed in man kind when things like this happen. Keep Looking for the Beauty in Life and enjoy.

  12. Gerry Dufort says:

    Greg,.. I picked up on your blog at the “attacked in Guatemala ” I was introduced to your blog by Willem.
    Glad to hear you are back at it. I too am on a ride. Left Calgary sept 9th and am doing canada and US for now (presently safe in nashville) however it is my plan to head down to central and south america next september. then on to africa and beyond.
    I will be watching your blog with interest. Curious, do you thing they would have attached if there where two or more??

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