The Adventure Continues

I am back on the road again, the adventure continues.  My attackers may have knocked me down for a couple of days but they did not bring an end to my journey. The bike suffered very little damage, only a broken mirror and some scratches. The right pannier was crushed but was able to be straightened out. The mirror has been replaced and many of the scratches have been buffed away. As for me, my injuries were also minor and are healing well. The large rock that was thrown at my shoulder has left a nasty bruise, but not long term injury, and is healing well. The bike fell on my leg and again fortunately only bruising. The value of the things stolen and the cost to replace what is necessary has set me back a little financially so now I am going to have to use my accounting skills to be more creative, do another budget and watch my costs.

I will not allow three scumbags to ruin my adventure. Guatemala is a beautiful country and with the exception of my three attackers I have met only nice people. I want to leave Guatemala with a positive feeling, so I am staying for another week.  Since the Varadero is sold here in Guatemala I ordered parts that would be required for routine maintenance and in the meantime, I have some rides planned until the parts to arrive.

Details of my attack.

I was leaving San Marcos after spending two relaxing days at Lake Atitlan. The road out of there is a steep climb. I was in first gear on my motorcycle going around a sharp corner when three masked men jumped out of the bushes, one threw a rock at my head and I was able to duck quick enough that it missed me. I accelerated, and thought I was in the clear when I was hit from behind in the right shoulder with a very large stone. This sent the bike up into an embankment and eventually back down landing partially on me. The men approached with machetes, one held me up, demanded my things, while the other 2 thieves cut away my back pack and removed the tank bag from the bike. One of my side panniers broke open spilling its contents onto the road, which the thieves picked up and stole. They disappeared into the forest as quickly as they appeared.

With my bike lying almost upside down I tried to upright it and get out of the area. Within ten minutes la pick up full of locals came to my rescue. They called police and checked me and the bike over. Several Police arrived and took my information and escorted me back to the police station in San Pedro. A crowed soon formed. Back at the San Pedro office the police quickly brought in a suspect in handcuffs. They marched the suspect right in front of me and he gave me quite an evil look. I was then taken from police station to police station in the area (not sure why), and after I few hours I was offered a police escort back to Guatemala City. I was never given a copy of the police report even though I asked several times. The police did escort me to within 100 kilometers of the city, I just lost them somewhere along the way.

I contacted the Canadian Embassy for help on this matter, they took a report over the phone and said they would send me some information and be in touch.  On October 26, 2011 with help from the Canadian Embassy I received a copy of the police report. I also picked up my motorcycle, the scratches don’t look so bad after all, and they give it character.

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2 Responses to The Adventure Continues

  1. Jane Rose says:

    Looks as if your character held up with a few scratches and bruises, too. Glad you are back on your way and not letting this get you down. However, is it likely the locals know who the three dudes were? Seems like they had a plan and are experienced at this type of attack.

    Safe Journey, kiddo. Screw ’em! …………. oops

  2. Happy to hear you and the bike are good to continue your awesome adventure!

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