After my mugging in Guatemala I was often asked two different questions; 1. Are you leaving Guatemala now? And 2. Are you coming home?  The answer to both questions was NO. It was not as if I was unaware that this kind of thing could happen to me, although it was a scary in the end it was not a shock.

I made some really great friends in Guatemala and met some fantastic people. I was helped by locals right after the mugging, a Guatemalan gave me clothes after mine were stolen and local people took me into their homes and treated me like family. One of my new friends even set me up on a blind date, how awesome it that? The Honda dealership took really great care of my bike and it now runs like new, they even washed it and buffed out some of the scratches. Almost everyone I met in Guatemala was amazing.

Going home is right now is not an option for me. I am not going to cancel something I worked so hard to achieve over a broken mirror and some minor bruising. I still believe that the world is made up of mainly good people, it is the bad ones that keep the newspapers in circulation.  

What I did find a bit shocking about Guatemalans was their reaction to crime. I met three other people during my 21 days stay that were also mugged. They react like Canadians do when we see a raccoon “There is that raccoon again, I hope he stays out of my Garbage. Honey what’s for dinner.” It seems like they have become used to the violence. Yesterday a new president was Elected in Guatemala, I hope he brings positive changes, so when I return to Guatemala to visit my friends again it is an even more enjoyable visit.


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3 Responses to Guatemala

  1. Jane Rose says:

    You have a good and healthy attitude towards the events in your adventure. It would be
    a political triumph for the people if the new leaders do something to normalize the attitude toward crime.

    Your current SPOT on the coastal route 2 seems as if it would be delightful! Is it as pretty as the map suggests?

    Save journeys, friend.

  2. Trooper says:

    I’m glad you stayed longer and could leave our country with more good memories than bad! Hope everything turns out fine in the South. Keep posting, so we can keep track of your adventure.

  3. Leah says:

    Um, I want to hear about the blind date!!!

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