Road Quotes

People that I meet on the road often say some strange things to me. Here are a few.

“Your bike won’t make it to Prudhoe Bay” – Canada April 2011

“You must have really, really big Balls, Amigo, try to not get shot” – Texas – October 2011

“You really don’t know where you are do you?” – Mexico October 2011

“Sorry you got robbed, that’s Guatemala, want a cookie” – Guatemala October 2011

“If you stay until Christmas you can date my sister”. – El Salvador – November 2011

“I just got deported from Canada, can I change money for you?”  – Honduras 2011

“Just because your bike fits on the sidewalk doesn’t mean you can drive there” – Nicaragua November 2011

“Are you in the witness protection Program” – Costa Rica – November 2011

“Your insurance won’t mean much here. You’re a gringo, which means you have money, any accident will be your fault and you will have to pay.” – Panama December 2011

“Did you ever stop and think that what you’re doing is not normal?” Peru – January 2012

“You have a problem, the solution is money.” – Traffic cop in Peru – January 2012

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4 Responses to Road Quotes

  1. Jane Rose says:

    Sorry, but I laughed ’till I hurt! 😉
    Mint collection, by the way.

  2. David says:

    great idea – keep collecting the quotes – I’ll read the book of quotes when it is published for Kindles.

  3. Pete Chester says:

    Greg. From the last Road Quote in your list I gather you encountered a Peru Policeman supplementing his salary with donations from Gringo Turistas. I had an encounter on Ruta 1B just north of Chiclayo. He was parked by the side of the road & motioned for me to pull over to the side. He said in Spanish, infraccion, but I didn’t know what law I broke. He looked at my papers & drivers licence, he was the only cop or border officer that noticed it was a copy, but didn’t care. He just kept saying I committed an infraccion. I just played dumb. Time was passing though & I wanted to get moving, so I showed him a Peru 10 Nuevo Sol bill (=$3.20Us). He smiled & said Si, handed me back my licence & palmed the 10 Nuevo Sol bill & said, have a good trip. I said good bye & rode off. The Peru cop & two cops at a check point in Nicaragua ( only $3US) were the only times I had the bite put on me on my whole trip.

    Where were you when you had your encounter & how much did it cost? Or did you talk him out of it?

    Happy motoing, Pete Chester

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