Yes, Yes I would !!

So tired. Why can’t I sleep if I am this tired? I have slept 5 hours in the past 4 days, not good. I know I need to sleep but I just can’t seem to find the right bed. This bed is too soft, that one is too hard; ok shut-up Goldilocks and go to sleep. Then there is the construction, Goldilocks never had to put up with the non-stop hammering, I think every building in Peru is under construction. Why did I sell my tent, I could just pitch it behind that sand dune and sleep under the stars, can’t hammer in the desert.

My mind keeps playing tricks on me, drifting off to places I don’t want it to go; it does this when it is too tired. Need to sleep.  I have been careless recently with the bike and think I have damaged the brand new chain and sprocket, now I need to get to Lima and have it looked at. Shit, I should have been more mindful of the bike, I let it slip and now it will cost me.  Too tired to pay attention.

My body starts to ache, not while I am riding only when I stop, nothing hurts when I ride. Stretch more dummy! Follow your exercise routine. Too tired to exercise, tired because you did not exercise, now what do I do.  If I could only sleep for more than 1 hour all would be well. I don’t seem to be able to be speak Spanish anymore, nobody understands me, wasn’t having this problem back in Ecuador, must be slurring my words.

I arrive in Lima and meet a contact through the Horizons Unlimited motorcycle network. Turns out he is a mechanic, he also knows a quiet Bed & Breakfast. My luck is changing, amazing how things just seem to work out. But wait it gets even better, my new friend invites me to the local Harley Davidson Club night out, just what I need a night out with some other bikers.

We all meet at TGI Fridays to kick things off.

Harley guy – “Greg, would you like to go to a lingerie fashion show with many beautiful Peruvian models?”

Me – “Yes, Yes I would”   “I will sleep when I am dead”



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11 Responses to Yes, Yes I would !!

  1. Mario says:

    be honest Greg, that is not hammering youre hearing, they are the voices in youre head : dont leave Peru! dont leave Peru !jajajajaja

  2. Hilton says:

    Dude, I’m on the way down. Don’t leave until I get there.


  3. Lorna says:

    Hi Greg

    Trip to Calgary was great! Didnt use puter much–a real hassle–just couldnt work it!
    Bro tried to send message but cant get it to send . Hope you had a great Christmas
    and Hope you have a Happy New Year. Sonds good—cant sleep so go check out the gals!! way to go Greg–proud of you Be in touch–Lorna

  4. Jane Rose says:

    Your buddies are taking care of you. 😉

    Why did you sell the tent? or are places to stay in real beds inexpensive. Can you give us an update with typical $pending information?

    The models are cute, um, great lookin’ .. um… lingerie … but can you describe some of the food you are eating? OK, that’s not fair to ask in these circumstances. hee hee

    Yeah, you got lucky, kiddo.

    • greg says:

      I sold the tent as camping in Central America was not advised, also for money. As far as what I eat, I try and order local stuff as much as possible, most food is pretty normal, but it is the fruit I enjoy the most. So fresh.

  5. Craig says:

    Now this post is more like. I don’t want to hear more about food or costs. Hehe. More like this one please.

  6. You worry me… You do need a tent. You need one? I will mail you one… I have about 5 of them sitting here. You need Mother Nature to Nurture you… I think! I know… most want to see Tits and Ass… how redundant… Get away and get some sleep within some quiet space.
    Ara and Spirit

    .. and now to figure out 13+15?

    • greg says:

      Dont worry my friend. I am getting out of Lima next week and back into nature next week. Sold the tent out of safety concerns. Lots of nature here in Peru, feels safer as well.

  7. Roberto says:

    Hi Greg,

    I see you´ve had a great time in Peru. One of the advantage of bieng single. In my case I am married so I must behave.

  8. Pete Chester says:

    Greg, be careful with the lack of sleep. It will be detrimental to your judgement & your reaction time. Also you could doze off, I know I did a few times for an instant. If you get sleepy on the road just stop & take a short nap for 15 to 30 minutes. It really works, it wakes you right up. Also maybe spending a little time with one of those Cicas would charge your batteries!

    I’m just getting caught up on your trip posts. Thanks for the Link to, “The Oasis of My Soul” Blog. It looks like a good one to follow.

    Have fun, Pete Chester

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